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A MARE is a blend of mineral essences that are forged over time, the encounter between the creative design of OltremateriaLAB and the natural matter of shells and oysters, to give life to a continuous surface seductive and innovative, in thickness 2-3 mm. Available in the natural version or in the colors of the natural palette Oltremateria.

Application of ECOMALTA OLTREMATERIA® in FIAM glass objects.
FIAM uses ECOMALTA® by  OLTREMATERIA® to create unique objects and high glass design.

 ECOMALTA® by OLTREMATERIA® application in furnishing field.

Terrace renovation.
In the video you can see the complete working cycle for the renovation of a terrace with OLTREMATERIA.

The extraordinary resistance of the OLTREMATERIA® system consists of. the surfaces of well-being.
In two short videos, the demonstration of the extraordinary properties of the OLTREMATERIA® system.

Application of OLTREMATERIA®
A look at the application process of OLTREMATERIA®.

Extraordinary flexibility

Stain Resistance and Easy Cleaning

Heat resistance

OLTREMATERIA® – Extreme tests on the new Schluter screeds.
Extraordinary resistance and flexibility of the OLTREMATERIA® solid mortars.

Aerography Rastaman.
Airbrushing freehand on a panel prepared with ECOMALTA® for continuous flooring OLTREMATERIA® .

Great Adaptability, Strength, and Finishes.