Eco-compatible continuous surfaces for floors and coatings

OLTREMATERIA project was conceived as a reference point for eco-sustainable living, where technological know-how joins the continuous search for innovative solutions in order to create eco-compatible environments, improving the current and future quality of life and safeguarding the ecosystem.

Talking about OLTREMATERIA means uncoverirng a certified, water-based system of continuous surface.
Product adaptability is endless: vertical and horizontal surfaces, with perfect yield even on radiant floors, applicable on flat or textured surfaces, customizable in terms of colour and composition, non-toxic, fireproof, breathable and frost-proof.

OLTREMATERIA project is a guarantee of an excellent author’s product, made with the utmost care and professionalism in all phases, thanks to the many years of experience of our highly qualified staff and constantly updated on the development and experimentation of new processing techniques.

Superfici continue


In order to put their performance to the test, our materials and our continuous surfaces have been subjected to rigorous trials by international laboratories and in work sites throughout the world, .
The results show that Oltremateria has properties well above normal.
The resistance and technical characteristics of Oltremateria have been tested against mechanical forces, thermal effects, residual imprints, impacts, wear and tear, fire, crazing, chemical and corrosive substances, contact with power supplies and volatile substances.

It is furthermore, produced entirely in ITALY in workshops with ISO 9001 certification.

Even the waterproofing has been repeatedly tested and it has achieved excellent results, maintaining a certain breathability to steam, an important factor throughout the whole thickness of matter, allowing for breathability of the substrate.

Due to its superior technical characteristics, Oltremateria is suitable and certified for coating heated flooring: It has excellent thermal conductivity which allows it to heat faster, accelerating the process of radiation. The more the material conducts heat, the lower the consumption; this means that your home will heat up faster, and you can even save on the power bill.


Oltremateria is a choice for health and wellbeing.

The strict Japanese tests of the Japan Building Coating Materials Association have certified that Oltremateria ecomalta (eco-mortar) does not emit toxic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), nor Formaldehyde, attributing a F**** Four-star rating, that is, the maximum possible.

Oltremateria with ECOPUR purifies the air with environmental ionization and has thus obtained the environmental certification with ionization measurements up to 2000 e / ions to cm3.

It is the first continuous surface for flooring and ionizing cladding in the world. It ionizes and purifies air without consuming energy.
Our products do not develop toxic gasses to the environment or sub-floor.

The “Indoor Air Comfort Gold” certification of Eurofins attests to the compliance of Oltremateria surfaces with criteria of low emission of VOC established internationally. The “Indoor Air Comfort Gold” level certifies that the emissions of Oltremateria products comply with the criteria of all legal specifications issued by the European Union and international authorities according to EN 16516; ISO 16000-9 and ISO 16000-6.

Qualità dell'aria


With Oltremateria one can feel safe.

Those materials which compare best with Oltremateria are cocciopesto (Opus Signinum), cement based resin and wood, which are superseded for reasons of adhesion, resistance to scratches, impacts and wear, flexibility and resistance to water and heat.

Certified according to EN 13813:2004.

resistenza - oltremateria


Oltremateria is certified and is resistant to fire.

Oltremateria is a system certified fire-resistant in class BFL-S1 in accordance to the harmonised standard EN 13813.

This allows for its use in nearly all domestic and commercial environments.

resistenza al fuoco - oltremateria


Excellent resistance, even under stress.

We have rotated a chair with W type wheels and soft polyurethane tyres with a load of 85 kg 30,000 times over an Ecomalta / Oleomalta, Oltremateria floor.

The test produced the following result: “No defects observed“.

Certified according to UNI EN ISO 6504-3:2007 and UNI EN ISO 7784-2 :2006.

resistente alle abrasioni - oltremateria


Oltremateria resits the hardest knocks.

With the mass dropping test, Oltremateria was evaluated as Shore A (80-85) hardness depending on the inert object used.

With Buchholz 42 hardness (notable).

Oltremateria has been in use for decades in public and private environments: Dwellings, Offices, Shops, Wellness centres, Restaurants, Hotels, Theatres and Kindergartens throughout the world.

Oltremateria resiste agli urti


Oltremateria adheres to all surfaces

Thanks to its polymer formula, it allows for greater adhesion than traditional glues for laying floors and cement based resins, guaranteeing absolute safety.

The test based on UNI EN ISO 2409-1:2017 has resulted in a very high result, (type of breakage 100% A rupture of the substrate).

The cohesion force of the substrate is inferior to that of the adhesive force of the Oltremateria coating surface.

Oltremateria adheres perfectly to cement, lime, chalk, tile flooring, ceramics, wood, plasterboard, plexiglass, plastic, metals, glass, …

Grande adesione delle superfici


Oltremateria is much more elastic than cement or concrete.

Oltremateria with Ecomalta and Oleomalta, in comparison with traditional materials (ceramic, marble, cement and concrete), has elastic characteristics and those of greater plasticity which accommodate slight deformities before cracking.

This also allows for its application on particular supports, such as surface cladding in plasterboard, plexiglass, metals and wood.

Elasticità prodotti oltremateria


Water and vapour present no problems.

By choosing the right process cycle and protective finish, Oltremateria is an ideal product for baths and showers, wash basins, bathroom furniture.

Indeed, it has been used for years in the field of industry, by the Best national and foreign companies, be that in an internal environment  for covering panels and supplementary items, wash basins, bathroom furniture, walls and continuous surfaces.

Oltremateria superfici continue ecologiche


Finishes for different levels of slippage.

Thanks to artful and craft processing by Oltremateria, it is possible to choose the level of finish which would be ideal for you project.

The smoother ones for internal flooring, rougher for when a greater level of grip is required as, for example, by the swimming pool or for decorative three-dimensional walls.

Oltremateria is anti-slip certified (dynamic friction coefficient 0.71 ground to rubber and 0.52 ground to leather) for its smoothest surface.


Oltremateria is suitable for food contact

Oltremateria is a surface suitable for food contact according to the HACCP standard and is certified antibacterial by the CSA Research Institute with the ISO 22196:2001 method.



Excellent conductivity for reducing consumption.

When under-floor heating is used, thermal conductivity is important. Oltremateria is certified for radiating flooring and has a coefficient of, Lambda equal to λ=0, 63 (capacity of material for transmitting heat), greater than flooring in traditional resin and more than double when compared with a wooden surface.

That equates to an elevated thermal conductivity, reduced consumption and, as a consequence, better performance of the plant.



Oltremateria also resists the harshest chemical agents.

Continuous surface is hygienic, easy and quick to clean.
It is enough to pass a cloth moistened with warm water on the surface to be cleaned, with the addition of little neutral and not foamy floor detergent or Marseille soap. It is strongly not recommended to use detergents with solvents and concentrated acids. Surfaces should not be treated in any way with: Alcohol, Acetone, Solvents or similar.

In addition, several strict tests have shown that Oltremateria resists different chemical agents and staining products in common use.

oltremateria resiste agli agenti chimici





Continuous surfaces


In addition to being a certified product, Ecomalte and Oleomalte Oltremateria have been subjected to many tests which have returned excellent results.

Yes. Severe international tests have shown that both while it is applied and after the application and drying phases, Oltremateria does not release any substances to the air which can be toxic to man or the environment.

The tests show an elevated resistance of our surfaces to various effects.
The surface resistance is greater than that of wood, cocciopesto and various types of mortar.
It is appropriate to note a number of common sense facts for maintaining the surface.
See the FAQ: “How to maintain a perfect look over time”.

Oltremateria has resistance characteristics very similar to those of an excellent wooden floor, or one in cocciopesto, or quartz cement depending on the type of inert materials used.
This material has excellent resistance and is suitable for use as a covering for floors and walls in residential as well as commercial environments.
Oltremateria on the other hand is not comparable to surfaces in ceramics, because these are quite different materials and with production processes which differ greatly: Surfaces in ceramics and stoneware are very hard and fragile, rigid, not very flexible or elastic; exactly the opposite to ours.

All surfaces, even the most resistant, can be scratched.
Let us consider steel (take a look at car bodies or the surfaces of some kitchen appliances) which, subjected to stress with pointed objects, are easily scratched, or when objects fall on them they mark, without being able to restore them without substituting…
As with all surfaces, these scratches will be more evident on very shiny and smooth surfaces.
For this reason, we advise flooring with an opaque and more textured finish.
In any case, Oltremateria surfaces are always partially or completely restorable, something which is impossible with other materials such as ceramics, steel, plastic, etc. To restore a scratched surface, extraordinary maintenance may be carried out, such as with parquet surfaces, marble or cocciopesto.

Yes, if the falling objects are heavy and pointed which might therefore mark the surface, but the surface is always partially or completely restorable.

Absolutely, yes, Oltremateria has a heightened resistance to abrasions and is also suitable for garages and pathways.
In these cases, specific layers can be applied, be that of paint with ecoresin or stratified with Ecomalta or Oleomalta.
We must remember that resistance to vehicular traffic is given by the technical characteristics and resistance to compression, by the thickness and the manner in which the support is constructed.
In the case of renewal of old paving, it would be opportune to check the condition and to know the technical characteristics and thickness of the support.

The thermal resistance tests carried out on the material have given excellent results.
Oltremateria has been taken up to temperatures of 125° to 130°C without showing any defect.
It is nevertheless not advised to rest boiling objects directly on the surface and, instead, a suitable trivet should be used. Furthermore, in the case of the kitchen surface, it is advised to use appropriate cutting boards, thus avoiding cutting or chopping directly on the surface.

Certainly. Oltremateria has designed specific cycles for this type of intervention in areas with high contact with water.
It is suitable for this type of application because Ecomalte and Oleomalte, not containing cements within them, are distinguished by an excellent impermeability and rejection of water, offering high levels of protection against the penetration of the same.
In situations of restoration or renewal of existing surfaces, a suitable evaluation by the applier is necessary, and an adequate preparation of the base or the support, as well as a suitable study of the application cycle.


We are looking for new application teams experienced in the flooring and tiling industry. We will introduce you to our technology and you will be able to experience its immediate benefits.

After an accurate and specific training on the use of our products you will join our team of specialists!


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