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On December 19, 2023, following ADI ‘s referral to the COTEC Foundation, OLTREMATERIA had The Honor of receiving The 1st National Innovation Award.

Award of Awards 2023 in the Industry and Services Italian Design category, for innovations brought with the “A MARE” collection all combined with ECOPUR technology, Oltremateria’s eco-resin that purifies air h24.

Archiproducts Design Awards 2023: Our collection “Le Tinture,” 100% vegetable colors from recycled plants and flowers is awarded with “Archiproducts Design Awards 2023.” The international jury awarded the product for concept, design and sustainability.

Archiproducts Sustainibility: “The Dyes” also received the award with “Sustainability Honorable Mention” in the field ofarchitecture and design.

ARCHIPRODUCTS DESIGN AWARDS (winner 2022): A MARE is awarded the “Archiproducts Design Awards 2022” in the finishes category as a material for its innovative concept and design.

ARCHIPRODUCTS DESIGN AWARDS (winner 2021): Oleomalta is honored with the “Archiproducts Design Awards 2021” in the finishes category as a material for architecture and innovative design.

ARCHIPRODUCTS SUSTAINIBILITY: Oleomalta was awarded the “special mention for sustainability” by a panel of eco-design experts.

ARCHIPRODUCTS LONGLISTED: Oleomalta was selected among the finalist products.

ADI DESIGN: ADI has selected and awarded A Mare, giving it the ADI Design Index 2022 Innovation Award. The innovation is related to making a resin floor surface with more than 60 percent sea shells from the world of certified recycling combined with the ECOPUR finish is able to purify the air 24 hours a day and help kill bacteria and viruses.

ICONIC AWARDS: Oleomalta received the ICONIC AWARDS, the recognition in the field of design awarded by the German Design Council and sponsored by the German Ministry of Economy and Technology.

LEGAMBIENTE: Award aimed at companies promoting pro-environmental business policies. Oltremateria was first runner-up for the 2012 Green Economy Award (industry category).

MIAW-MIUZ: MIAW Innovation and Design Awards recognizes products that have excelled in innovation and design, highlighting the most creative manufacturers and promoting selected innovations.

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT 2012: OLTREMATERIA was listed as one of the best 10 Green Economy Made in Italy companies among all companies participating in the 2012 Sustainable Development Award (Sustainable Development Foundation).

The award was given to companies that excelled in activities and facilities that produce significant environmental benefits, with innovative content, positive economic and employment effects, and have potential for dissemination in three areas, waste and resources, energy and mobility, and innovative products and services with high environmental performance.

ARCHIPRODUCTS SUSTAINIBILITY AWARD: A MARE is awarded the “Sustainability Award 2022” for its use of environmentally friendly materials and focus on eco-responsible production processes.

Responsible Innovators Award: is an award established by the Emilia Romagna Region that enhances all regional business activities that contribute to meeting the sustainability challenge according to the UN 2030 Agenda. Oltremateria was included in the list of Responsible Innovators thanks to A Mare.

ADI DESIGN: The Association for Industrial Design collects the best of Italian design put into production and selected by ADI’s Permanent Design Observatory, then giving rise to ADI Design Index. ADI has selected Oleomalta and Ecopur as the Best Products 2021 for Design of Materials, Technological Systems and Environmental Sustainability and also included them in the ADI DESIGN INDEX.

ARCHIPRODUCTS DESIGN SELECTION 2021: This is the new Milan Design Week circuit that charts a course of quality, excellence, innovation and technology.

RESPONSIBLE INNOVATORS: The Emilia-Romagna region recognizes Oltremateria with the 2020 RESPONSIBLE INNOVATORS award for Ecopur microresin.

GREEN NATURE AWARD 2017: Nature Award is a competition that aims to reward the most environmentally and ecologically conscious products and services. Oltremateria was awarded in 2017.

ARCHIPRODUCTS DESIGN AWARDS 2016: Award recognized to Oltremateria as a design product.

GRANDESIGNETIC: Award that is given to designers and innovative products from those Companies that have directly and demonstrably engaged in ethical contexts. OLTREMATERIA won the 2016 grandesignEtico International Award.

SYMBOLA: Formed to unite and empower businesses, communities and intelligences that focus on sustainability, innovation, beauty. Oltremateria has been listed among the best companies in the ‘circular economy in Italy.

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