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The innovative "ECOPUR®" technology gives the surfaces on which it is applied new properties: ionizes and purifies the air, creates a physical barrier, helping to prevent bacterial and viral proliferation

Oltremateria®, a brand that has become a leader in the national and international market of eco-friendly continuous surfaces, presents “ECOPUR®” an extraordinary technological innovation applicable to surfaces that is able to guarantee performances never before achieved and consequently new application possibilities.
“ECOPUR®”, the high-performance ionizing eco-resin, activates both with light and in the dark, ionizes and purifies the air through the gravitational abatement of dispersed airborne particles such as smog, pollutants, germs, bacteria, VIRUS (coronavirus) and fights unwanted odors by refreshing all spaces like a large tree would. Each surface covered with “ECOPUR®” will turn into an air purifier without consuming energy.
ECOPUR® is the revolutionary system designed by Oltremateria® applied not only to its surfaces in ECOMALTA® and OLEOMALTA®, but also to the world of furniture, parquet, natural stone, wallpaper and furnishing accessories. It confers to the surfaces on which it is applied, not only the characteristics that many know by now, protected, beautiful, performing and eco-sustainable products, but new properties based on special mixtures, NATURAL processes and inert minerals that also determine ionization of the air. Ionization breaks down atmospheric dust and activates the oxygen molecules in the air, making it purer and cleaner, with further pluses for the WELL-BEING of our customers.
The new technology has been patented and then tested by prestigious national and international recognized institutes and laboratories such as: CSA-lab, MERIEUX-NutriSciences-lab (Italy) and Shoku-kan-ken, INC (Japan). Following the most rigorous international regulations, to certify compliance.
The inhibiting action of the various salts and minerals, of the active ingredients contained within ECOPUR®, has been certified by laboratories and third parties, according to the strictest international standards ISO (International Standards Organization) which prove their effectiveness. of compliance with ISO 22196: 2011 / ISO 18184: 2019 and ISO 21702: 2019 standards. These standards cover fabrics, fibers, yarns and similar textile products, as well as plastic and non-porous surfaces.
THANKS also to companies such as: PRESOTTO, IDEA Group, EUROMOBIL, FIAM Italia, METALCO – My Equilibria, ESEDRA, ARDECO, ARTESI, Il CASONE, RIVA-1920, ELITABLE, LIUNI, TESSITURE ROSSI, and many other prestigious international brands, who have experimented and used our products, Oltremateria® has become a leader and reference point in the sector.

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