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Ecopur – Approfondimento

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Ecopur® is a protective eco-resin for surfaces, walkable, transparent or colored with an ionized effect that purifies the air, whose active ingredients prevent bacterial and viral proliferation.


The product can be applied by spray, roller or brush, in less than three hours from the time of insertion of Part B in Part A.
The drying time between one coat and another of the product varies from 4 to 6 hours
Not yellowing in the sun.
Excellent elasticity.
Usable transparent or colored.
Good resistance to wear and domestic staining agents.
Low dirt pick-up.
Excellent resistance to water and in environments such as bathrooms, showers, etc … (excluding cases of prolonged stagnation or immersion), to solvents (not those having a stripping function) and to acid and alkaline substances.
To obtain the results found in the certifications certifying the ionizing effect, the product must be applied in 2 or 3 coats depending on the absorption of the support.

Ecopur - Descrizione


Protective eco-resin for continuous surfaces in Ecomalta® / Oleomalta® and epoxy-cementitious resin systems.
Specifically for the final protection of floors, walls, ceilings, wallpapers, furniture, furnishings, PVC, plastics, ceramics, stoneware, stones, wood, plasterboard, metals in general, previously prepared.



Coating paints are known that using titanium dioxide can produce negative ions in the air but in limited quantities, discontinuously and / or only when they are directly irradiated by a light source such as the sun or lamps.

Requiring photocatalysis for the emission of negative ions into the air, they show a strong decay and need to be reapplied over time.

Furthermore, using titanium dioxide generally they cannot be transparent but only colored: such paint products are usually not suitable for walking on and in contact with water.
Paints or surfaces are known that contain silver ions inside and perform only an antibacterial function on limited strains of bacteria (the current UNI ISO standard contemplates only two).


ECOPUR® can be walked on and can be put in contact with water. It can be applied transparent or colored, resists various staining agents and can be used on various surfaces. It does not require photocatalysis to activate the ionization process, it acts in all light conditions, even in the dark 24 hours a day. It is self-cleaning and once applied its action lasts perpetually, self-regenerating through oxygen and micro electrostatic discharges. present in the air.

ECOPUR® is equipped with active ingredients that prevent the proliferation of bacteria and viruses, even the most resistant ones such as CORONAVIRUS.

ECOPUR® embodies with greater effectiveness what other paints or known surfaces perform separately.


  1. ionization and purification of the air, increasing the negative ions, with a certified value between 1,600 and 2,500 negative ions per cm³; on average 1800/2000 per cm³
  2. physical barrier against bacterial proliferation
  3. protection of surfaces from external agents;
  4. ease of cleaning and maintenance
  5. abatement of atmospheric dust, bad smells, PM10, smog;
  6. special active ingredients that help prevent bacterial and viral proliferation  
  7. Suitability for food contact in compliance with HACCP regulations and UNI ISO 22196: 2011 standards;
  8. The inhibitory action of the various active ingredients contained has been certified by international laboratories that prove their compliance effectiveness according to the ISO 21702: 2019 standards; ISO 21702: 2019 and ISO 18184: 2019.

The negative ions generated by ECOPUR® loaded with the active ingredients contained in the product (particular mix of micronized natural aggregates, micro particle salts), through electrification of oxygen on the surface form molecular aggregates (CLUSTER).

These, thanks to the increase in volume and higher density, higher than that of air, favor the reduction gravitational and the deposition of dispersed airborne particles such as smog, particulate matter, spores, molds, yeasts, pollen, bacteria and viruses present in the air, favoring air ionization/air purification.

The circular convective motion of the air allows the action generated by ECOPUR® to reach all adjacent surfaces, including the spaces in front.  

The effectiveness of ECOPUR® has been tested by external and nationally recognized laboratories and international following rigorous protocols dictated by international regulations.

ECOPUR® does not generate ozone which is a powerful oxidant with antimicrobial activity, but which is harmful to some surfaces and materials (metals, etc.) and also harmful to humans if it exceeds the threshold limit.

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No bad smells

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