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These are panels that can be installed on a pillar, ceiling or wall. With only one element it is possible to heat a 6 to 12 square meter room and perceive the radiation from 4 meters away.

The panels emit beneficial infrared rays in all directions, “saturating” the environment that assumes a consistent temperature even at every height.

They are excellent as a supplement to underfloor systems, which are often undersized, in bathrooms due to the presence of baths and showers that reduce the radiating surface and in buildings with high ceilings such as industrial warehouses, churches, shops and offices with large glass windows.

Compared with infrared plates that are commonly sold, we combine infrared technology with the properties of tourmaline, a mineral that generates negative ions resulting in the purification of air and the reduction of dust and mould while at the same time providing physical and mental well-being.

The panels can be requested in solid tones in the OLTREMATERIA®colours or in 6 decoration formats: