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A Mare

A mare


A mare

From the heat of the beating sun, from the foaming movement of the waves, from the rubbing of the shells of oysters and sea shells, the natural sands and aggregates from the certified recycling are formed, a new surface is born: “A mare” a texture of character, very intriguing with natural finishes and colors and with an elegant taste, with a light three-dimensional materiality.

“A mare” plays with the words Sea and Love, love for land, sea, nature, matter and environmental sustainability.

A Mare - Prodotto oltremateria

Nature Balance and Sensoriality

“A mare” by Oltremateria® surprises the touch and the view with pleasant neutral tones to recreate fluid spaces. Surface and light play define a decorative concept inspired by the non color and grit of the sand. “A mare” expresses the tactility of sands and natural lands, of light mineral essences that mix and are forged over time, offering a materiality to admire.

Solid, vigorous and concrete, it refers to a personal feeling, to the power of nature. With “A mare” the softness of natural colors, the tactile feel of the sands, recall a simple lifestyle, aimed at abandoning the superfluous.

The intimate and refined harmony of nature is reflected in living spaces where you can enjoy personal comfort and slow rhythms, to regain energy, balance and well-being.


Innovative features

The first continuous floor surface with a very low thickness (about 3 mm) composed of more than 60% of product from certified recycling (seashells), with high mechanical strength, suitable for floors and suitable for food contact. When treated with Ecopur, it ionizes and purifies the air and helps prevent bacterial and viral proliferation. Available in the natural or colourable version with the colours of the Oltremateria® palette


Water-based polymers, as well as deriving from renewable sources such as sunflower oil and with the addition of oyster and shells from Italian certified recycling and totally recyclable.


Use of new generation innovative polymers from renewable sources of plant origin, processing of materials totally cold, without the use of blast furnaces and with very low energy consumption, to promote circular economy.

Environmental certifications

Possibility of being included in CAM projects, LCA certification (Life Cycle Assessment), possibility of obtaining credits in the LEED certification, Certification of very low VOC emission both in reference to the French standard A+ and the Japanese standard 4 *** (four stars).
No Formaldehyde and Solvents added.
Totally non-toxic and without release of harmful and dangerous substances.


Great natural

Natural Fine

Medium Colored Gray

Large Colored Black


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  1. ionizzazione e purificazione dell’aria, aumentando gli ioni negativi, con un valore certificato tra i 1.600 ed i 2.500 ioni negativi al cm³; mediamente 1800/2000 al cm³
  2. barriera fisica contro la proliferazione batterica
  3. protezione delle superfici da agenti esterni;
  4. facilità di pulizia e manutenzione
  5. abbattimento del pulviscolo atmosferico, cattivi odori, PM10, smog;
  6. speciali principi attivi che contribuiscono a prevenire le proliferazioni batteriche e virali 
  7. Idoneità al contatto alimentare rispettando la normativa HACCP e la norma UNI ISO 22196: 2011;
  8. L’azione inibitoria dei vari principi attivi contenuti è stata certificata da laboratori internazionali che ne comprovano l’efficacia di conformità secondo le norme ISO 21702:2019; ISO 21702:2019 e ISO 18184:2019.

Gli ioni negativi generati da ECOPUR® carichi dei principi attivi contenuti nel prodotto (particolare mix di inerti naturali micronizzati, micro sali particellari), tramite l’elettrizzazione dell’ossigeno in superficie formano aggregati molecolari (CLUSTER).

Questi, grazie all’aumento di volume e alla maggiore densità, superiore a quella dell’aria, favoriscono l’abbattimento gravitazionale e il deposito delle particelle aereo disperse quali smog, particolato, spore, muffe, lieviti, pollini batteri e virus presenti nell’aria favorendo la ionizzazione dell’aria /purificazione dell’aria.

Il moto convettivo circolare dell’aria consente che l’azione generata da ECOPUR® possa raggiungere tutte le superfici attigue, compresi gli spazi antistanti. 

L’efficacia di ECOPUR® è stata testata da laboratori esterni e riconosciuti in ambito nazionale e internazionale seguendo protocolli rigorosi dettati da normative internazionali.

ECOPUR® non genera ozono che è un potente ossidante con attività antimicrobica, ma che è dannoso per alcune superfici e materiali (metalli ecc.) e anche dannoso per l’uomo se supera il limite di soglia.

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Elimina i cattivi odori

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Previene le muffe

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Brevetto depositato

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Certificato HACCP